Thursday, January 31, 2013

Equine Purchase Checklist

          The reader is invited to rate the importance of each of the items listed in the Equine Purchase Checklist which follows and to add other items to the checklist to make it more useful and reliable.

1. Description of animal: name, age, breed, gender, height, color

2. Breed registry identification and documentation

3. Seller proof of ownership and whether one or multiple owners and percentage of ownership interest of each

4. Right to examination of animal by veterinarian of buyer’s choice prior to purchase with purchase conditioned upon buyer’s satisfaction with examination.

5. Have animal perform to Buyer’s satisfaction and to what extent and under what conditions prior to purchase.

6. Contact information for prior veterinarian caregivers of the subject animal.

7. Current location of animal and whether pasture, paddock or stable.

8. Animal’s existing dietary routine

9. Shot and health records

10. Contact information for prior farriers

11. Seller’s representations as to prior health records of animal and current physical condition of animal

12. Name of sire and dam and breed registry and other pertinent information as to both

13. Existence of insurance of any kind for the animal and whether transferable

14. If a mare, whether she is in foal and expected foaling date

              Name of sire of foal and information on sire; breed registry if any, owner of sire;

              contact information on owner of sire

15. If stallion, breeding history if any and identification of progeny

16. Training history; contact information for trainer(s)

17. If competition animal, history of shows and results, or if racing, history of racing experience and results.

18. Identification of all costs that will be involved in the transaction and which costs are responsibility of seller and which costs are responsibility of buyer

19. Seller cooperation in changing ownership in respective breed registry and associations relevant to animal ownership and activities.

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